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Taking Golf On An Exciting and Rewarding New Course

Introducing the fun new interactive golf game, Anamules.

Golf just got more interesting. Played in unison with your golf game, Anamules amps up the fun factor to make your round of golf even better. No more bad rounds because Anamules makes errant shots fun and spices up your golf game.

The Anamules app keeps track of gameplay in real-time so you can focus on getting more birdies and fewer Turkeys. Never question how many Anamules each player has and who the zookeeper is at any given time during play.

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The Basics

Your foursome steps into the wild from the first tee box. Each shot has the opportunity to earn the golfer an Anamule. The golfer with the most Anamules during play is the zookeeper. When the beverage cart comes around whoever the zookeeper is at that time has to buy. The player that ends the round as the zookeeper foots the bill for a round of post-game beverages and appetizers.

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Here’s An Example

A player hits their ball into the woods past the tree line, which earns them a Monkey. Since each Anamule can only be held by 1 player at a time, once another player hits their ball into the woods they take the Monkey away from the first player. There are 20 Anamules in total. But it’s not all earning, if a player gets a birdie they get to give away an Anamule.

Game Rules

Anamules is easy to learn and fun to play.
Get the low down on how to play the
smash hit interactive golf game.

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Anamules Characters

Was that shot a Turtle or a Frog? Get to know all 20 of the Anamules game characters.

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Why Players LOVE Anamules

"...for the amusement, entertainment, and enjoyment it brings me!"
"It provides stimulating and interactive game play."
"It's an addition to my golf game that is out-of-the-ordinary."
"Anamules is a way for my friends and I to cut loose and have more fun on the golf course."
"We've been introduced to the new and fun golf game, Anamules, and there's no turning back now!"
"Who doesn't want to compete for food and beverages with their golf buddies?"

Where To Play

You can play Anamules on any golf course, but if you play at participating
courses you’ll get extra benefits and rewards.

Download The App To Find A Course Near You!

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