About The Anamules App

You Had Me At “FORE!”

Golf can be a great game to play and it can also be a very frustrating game to play. Since the beginning, golf has always been about skill and mental toughness. The ability to hit good shots but also be able to shake off the bad shots. People tend to be intimidated by golf. Afraid that they’re not good enough to go out and play. Well, not anymore…


One of the company’s founders was introduced to a new game at the local course. At that course, there is a core group of regulars that golf together. The game that they played was not centered on a typical golf game where scoring and ability were the key determinants of winning or losing. Instead, this game was strictly focused on having fun. The game led to good-natured teasing & heckling and always resulted in an enjoyable round of golf, regardless of the skill of the player or the score they produced that day.

Since the creation of the great game of golf, traditional golfers believed it was taboo to have any outside interruptions during a round of golf. As technology has evolved, it worked its way onto the golf course. First by helping golfers understand distances, and then most recently queuing up their latest song playlist.  After playing the game for several years and introducing it to everyone they golfed with, the founders decided to share it with the world in a mobile app that can be played anywhere. The vision for Anamules was born…

Meet The Founders

Here are the guys responsible for bringing Anamules to smartphones across the globe.

Mike Wheelock

Like a lot of golfers I was introduced to the sport by my father (who I don’t believe ever broke 100). He prob…

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Jerry Rasmussen

My father first introduced me to golf when I was a young boy. I took golf lessons during Jr. High School and …

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Gary Ziehr

Like many, I was first introduced to the game of golf by my father while I was in high school. I have always been just…

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