Anamules Game Rules

The game of Anamules is simple and fun to play. For certain shot-related outcomes, there are different “Anamules” associated with the shot. For example, if a player swings and misses the ball that player gets a Bat. If a player loses the ball in the rough, they get a Quail. A shot into the sand trap yields a Camel. All in all, there are twenty Anamules that are incorporated into the game:

  • Anaconda (a four-putt, or more)
  • Armadillo (the ball lands on, or bounces off a cart path)
  • Bat (the player swings and completely misses the ball)
  • Beaver (the swing creates a large divot)
  • Camel (the ball lands in a sand trap)
  • Dolphin (the ball skips across water 3 or more times)
  • Double hump camel (the player fails to get the ball out of the sand, or hits it from one sand trap to another)
  • Frog (the ball goes in the water after it originally lands on the bank next to the water)
  • Gorilla (the player putts their ball off the green)
  • Horse (a player earns four Anamules on one hole)
  • Monkey (the ball goes into the woods past tree line)
  • Quail (the player loses their ball)
  • Ringworm (a putt lips the cup halfway around, but does not go in)
  • Rock Lobster (the ball hits a rock)
  • Snake (a three-putt)
  • Turkey (a player earns three Anamules on one hole)
  • Turtle (the ball goes directly into the water)
  • Woodpecker (the ball hits a tree with solid contact, such as off the trunk of the tree)
  • Wood tick (the ball hits a branch of a tree, not making solid contact)
  • Zebra (the ball hits an upright yard marker)


Anamules transfer.

  • Each Anamule can only be held by one player.
  • Anamules simply transfer from player to player.
  • Multiple Anamules can be earned on each shot (ex: if the ball bounces off the cart path and lands in the sand trap, you would receive the Armadillo and the Camel).


Good play is rewarded!

  • When a player scores a birdie on a hole, that player can give one of their Anamules to any other player.
  • If a player scores an eagle, that player gives away two of their Anamules.
  • If a player scores a hole-in-one, the player gives away all of their Anamules!


Humiliation pays… literally. There is a Zookeeper, and they have responsibilities.

  • The player with the most Anamules when the beverage cart arrives is the Zookeeper and must buy beverages and snacks for the rest of the group.
  • If two or more players are tied for Zookeeper, they share the responsibility and split the cost.
  • The game is reset after the Zookeeper buys from the beverage cart, and all Anamules return to the zoo (no player has any Anamules, and the challenge begins anew).
  • At the end of the round, the Zookeeper must buy beverages and appetizers for the group in the clubhouse.
  • Keeping honor even in the midst of playful humiliation is a part of the game! It would be poor form for a Zookeeper to neglect to buy a round of food and beverages when it’s their time to do so.

…but we do have a heart (and a beverage) for the Zookeeper.

At the end of the round of golf, the Zookeeper’s first beverage is FREE at participating courses. You’re welcome.


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